Investigates internal building environmental conditions in response to concerns or complaints about IAQ. Comprehensive air sampling and building conditions data are integrated to identify deficiencies and their potential causes.

Reactive Indoor Air Quality

Identifies and documents the design, operation, and hygiene of building air handling systems. Building usage data, occupancy, and external environmental conditions are integrated with comprehensive air sampling to evaluate IAQ. Results are archived for each survey, allowing trends in IAQ to be evaluated over time.

Proactive Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Program

Our Services

We provide a large variety of water testing services for microbial activity, metals, solvents and other environmental and anthropogenic sources.

Mold and Moisture Investigations

We are a Full Service Industrial Hygiene and Environmental, Health & Safety Services Consulting Firm

Lead Services

Construction Safety services and Training

Asbestos Services

Construction projects can produce unique health and safety hazards to workers and the public.  We provide services and training for various applications such as trench safety, confined space entry, hazardous chemical storage, construction waste management, and fall protection training, 

Occupational Safety & Environmental Health Services 

Environmental Health & Safety Training

Water Testing Services

Our independent industrial hygienists identify, document, and communicate environmental risk factors.

Our EPA accredited and state licensed professionals conduct asbestos building surveys, asbestos operations and maintenance surveys, and asbestos abatement oversight services. 

Our Board Certified Industrial Hygienists and Safety Professionals identify potential environmental, safety, and regulatory liabilities or deficiencies.

Our EPA accredited and state licensed professionals conduct lead based paint surveys, lead in air and water sampling, and lead abatement oversight services.

We provide client specific training such as asbestos awareness, arch flash, cutting/ brazing/ welding, confined space entry, electrical safety, facility safety, hazard communication/ SDS, lockout/tagout, and personal protective equipment.

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